A Better Birth Through Education

...because knowledge Empowers


Learn about labor & what you will need to get through labor

We learn about labor and we begin to look inward to determine what you and your partner need to get through your labor. You are not an average or a statistic, you are unique, there are some things only you will know that you need.


Labor Coping, Positioning & Comfort Techniques for a Calm Peaceful Labor

This class will give you a glimpse into what it will be like in Laborland. It will begin to teach your partner how to support you in labor, from how to be present in your space to providing comfort through touch and various other techniques.


Create Your Birth Plan

Did you know there is a secret menu for your labor care? In this class we begin to work on your birth plan. I go over common practices, why they're followed, the risks and benefits of each and finally, I give you the secret menu!


Preparing for Labor

Everything you need to prepare for labor bundled with savings for you!


Breastfeeding Basics

This class is packed full of everything you will need to get off on the right foot with your newborn baby. From setting appropriate feeding exceptions to tips and tricks for avoiding some of the most common pitfalls.


1-Day Childbirth: Labor in a nutshell