This course will teach you the basics of labor.  

You will learn the stages of labor and how labor progresses from a medical perspective, from a mothers perspective and from a partners perspective.

This is a foundational course from which other courses will build.  This course is recommended for first time parents and new birth workers.

Course Curriculum

    1. Getting Started

    1. Stepping out of your box

    1. Labor Visualization Part 1

    2. Labor Visualization Part 2

    3. Processing Your Visualization

    4. Review The Answers

    1. What is a Contraction?

    2. What are dilation and effacement?

    1. Early Labor

    2. Active Labor

    3. For Partners - How to time contractions

    4. Timing it right - Fear of having a car baby

    5. Transition

    6. Second Stage - Pushing

    7. Knowing when it's time to push

    8. Third Stage - Placenta

    1. Labyrinth Project - Supplies

    2. Now you know what labor will be like, right?

    3. Labyrinth - Preparing you space

    4. The Experience of Labor - The Labyrinth

    5. Draw your labyrinth

    6. Adding your footprint

    7. Add your threshold

    8. Preparing to walk the labyrinth

    9. Now walk your labyrinth

    10. Processing your labyrinth

About this course

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  • 26 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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About the instructor

Professional Labor Doula & Midwife Assistant Bea Wilds

Bea received her initial doula training &  certification through CAPPA in 2012. She continued her education with  some of our nation’s most noteworthy birth workers.  She trained in Rebozo skills with Gina Kirby, she expanded her birth skills with  Birthing From Within’s Virginia Bobro, and became a midwife assistant  with The Farm midwives. Bea has attended hundreds births as a doula and midwife assistant.  She has attended unmedicated, medicated and cesarean  births in the hospital and regularly attends homebirths.As a prenatal yoga teacher and doula, Bea is highly skilled in helping achieve optimal fetal positioning prior to and during labor. Bea’s birth philosophy is that there is not one “perfect” way to birth, rather each woman must meet birth in her own way at that moment.