We take 9+ months to grow a baby, and over this lengthy period our bodies gradually adapt. Our skin stretches, our muscles expand and soften, our organs slowly move out of the way of the growing uterus. Then in a matter of moments our bodies are left, very suddenly, with an excess of space. As our uterus reduces in size, our stretched skin is loose, our abdominal muscles are separated, our core is compromised, and our internal organs must find their way home. Bengkung Belly binding has been a staple of postpartum care in other countries for hundreds of years. Bengkung is unique in its ability to cover the hips and core, as well as be totally customizable to your body and needs!

Benefits of Binding

The Bengkung Binding is used to help women's bodies knit themselves back together, and for women to feel secure and comfortable as their bodies recover. 

Abdominal Healing

 • Gives support to abdominal muscles while muscles and facia kint together (decreasing Diastasis Recti)

 • Encourages skin to tighten and tone (Infused Oils encourage more toning + reduce stetch marks)

 • Supports the migration of internal organs 

 • Expels wind/gas decreasing an “empty” feeling

Back and Spine Support

 • Supports Back and Spine while core remains 


 • Encourages good posture for nursing mothers prone to   

    slouching due to heavy breasts and core instability

 • Can decrease headaches due to back and neck pain

Hips, Pelvis, Pelvic Floor

• This is the ONLY bind that also supports the hips, pelvis, and pelvic floor

 • The loosening of the hips and pelvis are necessary for birth however creates instability in the post-birth body

 • Stability enables the pelvic floor to heal and strengthen

 • Stability decreases pubic/pelvis pain due to SPD

General Comfort + Wellness

 • Decrease the ooey-gooey feeling reported by mothers

 • Decrease the feeling of "emptiness" reported post-birth

 • Reduces Postpartum Depression and mood disorders

 • Encourages overall healing for long term female health

Course Curriculum

    1. How to tie your Benkung Belly Bind

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